Chiropractic Care

There is nothing more debilitating than having to live with pain. Most of the time when a person goes to the doctor for pain issues, they are instructed to take Advil or some other pain killer to help. Pain killers only help with the pain and never treats the cause. If you are in Winchester, VA, and you’re living with pain, then you need to visit Winchester Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractor can provide several benefits to encourage a speedy recovery and help reduce or eliminate your pain without the use of medication or surgery.


The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are several benefits that come from seeing a chiropractor. Living pain free is just one of many that will become a reality as your treatment moves forward. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from chiropractic care.

  • You will have better joint mobility and functionality.
  • Sore muscles will be more relaxed, and the pain will diminish.
  • Inflammation will be reduced and the healing process will be supported.
  • Your body will have more energy and will be able to handle more activities during the day.
  • You will find that your athletic ability has increased.
  • You will have more flexibility and range of motion in areas that have previously caused you pain.

Treatment Options

Our chiropractor at Winchester Chiropractic Center provides spinal manipulations and so much more. We also offer acupuncture therapy, disc decompression therapy, cranial sacral therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, and traction therapy. No two patients are alike, and with a wide variety of treatment options available, no two treatment plans are alike as well.

Chiropractic Care in Winchester, VA

At Winchester Chiropractic Center, we want to ensure you have the ability to live to your full potential. After an examination and a brief run-down of your medical history, we will begin to develop a customized treatment plan tailored to meet your health goals. No two patients are the same and we will create a personalized treatment plan that focuses on your optimal health and well-being. Call our chiropractor today at (540) 667-0220 for more information or to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care.

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